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Expansive Leadership

We must “own our greatness while being brave enough to face our ignorant and ignoble impulses.”

Latha Poonamallee, Ph.D. in Expansive Leadership

Despite what seems like a rejuvenated commitment to white, male, and class supremacy in certain quarters, at no point in history have we been more global and less tribal as a human race. We always talk about history as if it belongs to the past. We are currently living through a historic moment. The world needs leaders who know how to transcend tribal affiliations and possess the mindsets for building broad-based support for collective action across -isms and divides.” Are you ready for a fresh approach to leadership and leadership development?

Grounded in my decades of research and practice, I share a novel leadership model that is relationship-based and morally expansive—countering ascendant models that are narcissistic, self-referential, and irresponsible. I also provide a 28 day program to begin this journey by designing a whole person approach that considers leadership as a layered, complex phenomenon blending individual and structural transformation – direction the world needs now.

This is written for use by individuals for self-exploration, experimentation, and growth towards becoming more expansive, mindful, inclusive, and just leaders through contemplative approaches and for adoption by Organization Development and Leadership Development professionals, coaches, consultants, and faculty who wish to expand their leadership development teaching repertoire.

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