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We are at a historic moment with an opportunity to transcend tribal affiliations and build collective action across -isms and divides.

Latha Poonamallee, Ph.D.

Tech Founder; Catalyzer for a healthy, just, equitable, prosperous, and sustainable world; Professor; Decolonizer; Mindfulness Teacher.

Author of Expansive Leadership: Cultivating Mindfulness to Lead Self and Others in a Changing World


Diversifying the pipeline in a tight labor market

Meet Dr. Latha Poonamallee
Meet Dr. Latha Poonamallee

The singular focus of my work is how to catalyze radical change for a better world through transforming both inner and outer worlds.

Outside of academia, my work has been featured in outlets like the Fast Company, CEO World, Real Leaders, HR Futures, Wharton Radio, Level up Leaders among others.